Docky is an AWN look-alike which was formerly integrated with GNOME Do. Docky is now an independent application that has maintained many of its goodies like the in-built plug-ins and aspires to bring in more functionality as time goes on. This application is still at an early alpha level but worth a try as it is very stable for an alpha. But it is still an alpha release.

Plug-ins currently available in Docky include battery monitor for notebooks, bookmarks, clock, CPU Monitor, Mounter plug-in, Network Manager, NPR (website), Trash, and Weather. Added to these are new comers Gmail notifier and recent documents.

To install Docky in Ubuntu Karmic add this PPA to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:


and install with

sudo apt-get install docky

To personalize your docker start the application as so;
Applications -> Accessories -> Docky, then right-click on the “anchor” icon and hit “Settings”.
The “Panel Mode” turns Docky into a Gnome panel that spans the width of the screen.
Docky can also run multiple docks; hit the “New Dock” button in “Docky Configuration” to fire-up another dock. You can dock almost anything you want to with a simple drag ‘n’ drop. Just as you drag-in to dock, drag-out to un-dock shortcuts.

Docky is a free download for Gnome desktops. Source code is also available.


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