CSF Updates


Just a heads up to you tech heads out there that CSF made a few major changes to the firewall data structure. These changes mostly affects the location of where the csf temporary IP block files are located.

The csf temporary block files ‘csf.tempban’ and ‘csf.tempip’ are now located in /var/lib/csf/

Below is the most recent change log which includes the directory structure changes for CSF:


6.20 – Introduced a new directory structure to get closer to the Linux

      Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS):
      /etc/csf/ – (mostly) configuration files
      /var/lib/csf/ – temporary data files
      /usr/local/csf/bin/ – scripts
      /usr/local/csf/lib/ – perl modules and static data
      /usr/local/csf/tpl/ – email alert templates

Existing data and templates files are migrated into the new structure automatically. Some files and directories are symlinked to /etc/csf/ for backwards compatibility and ease of use. See the following for individual file locations in the new configuration:


    CC_LOOKUPS rDNS reporting improvements
    HTTP::Tiny upgraded to v0.033
    Removed Security Token check from Server Check Report now that it is implicitly set in v11.18.0+
    Switched the location of the csf.pl and lfd.pl binaries with their symlinks
    Code tidy for servercheck.pm, csfui.pl
    Allow comments to be appended to csf –tempdeny and csf –tempallow in
    the same way as csf –deny and csf –allow. Also made the options more
    flexible in usage of optional elements
    Added Comments field to UI for Quick Allow, Quick Deny, and Temporary
    Added csf(1) man page and changed csf –help to use a text version of
    the new man page
    Fixed unnecessary open of csf.fignore


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