cPanel Update – AppConfig


cPanel has pushed out an update last night that has a few customers a little bothered/worried. WHM is sending notices from the server that new apps have been registered with (WHM) whostmgr AppConfig. This appears to be a new feature in 11.38.1

Documented information is here:

Overview according to cP:

cPanel has a subsystem that allows you to affect applications served from within cPanel, WHM, or webmail. In cPanel & WHM 11.32, we added the AppConfig system which provides the ability to specify two low-level attributes when cPanel, WHM, or webmail serves an application. You can choose:

  1. Which user owns the runtime process (the system user that the process will run as).
  2. Which php.ini the PHP binary should utilize.

In cPanel & WHM 11.38.1+, the AppConfig system was expanded and can now fully replace the original methods for registering and displaying WHM Plugins. Registration is required for WHM addons, and is strongly recommend for cPanel & Webmail addons. Registration is only required if the admin has enabled the Tweak Setting to force WHM registration with appconfig. This option defaults to off in version 11.38.1.


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