Cpanel required ports list

Port Service Protocol Direction Notes
20  ftp  tcp inbound/outbound
21  ftp  tcp, udp inbound/outbound
22  ssh  tcp  inbound
25  smtp  tcp inbound/outbound
26  smtp  tcp inbound/outbound
37  rdate  tcp  outbound
43  whos  tcp  outbound
53  DNS  tcp, udp inbound/outbound Inbound only needed if you run
your own DNS server
80  http  tcp inbound/outbound
110  pop3  tcp  inbound
113  ident  tcp  outbound
143  imap4  tcp  inbound
443  https  tcp  inbound
 465 smtp  tcp, ssl, udp inbound/outbound
 873  rsync  tcp, udp  outbound
 993  imap4  ssl, tcp  inbound
 995  pop3  ssl, tcp  inbound
 2082  cpanel  tcp  inbound
 2083  cpanel  ssl, tcp  inbound
 2086  whm  tcp  inbound
 2087 whm ssl  tcp, ssl  inbound
 2089 cp license  tcp  outbound
 2095  webmail  tcp  inbound
 2096  webmail   ssl, tcp  inbound
 3306  mysql  tcp  inbound Only if you need to connect
6666 chat  tcp  inbound


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