Cpanel on VPS licensing issue

If you utilize WHM/CPanel an a VPS instance, there is an issue which has been identified in which cpkeyclt is looking for the server IP when attempting verify license information via /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt
and not finding the correct IP that matches the listed cpanel license.

According to cpanel, they have run across this behavior several times recently in which a few large hosts have started provisioning VPSes in such a way that the first ip address on the machine starts with venet0:1, or sometimes venet0:2. For some reason, cpkeyctl is wanting the cpanel licensed IP to be on venet0:0, but it may not be. This issue has been addressed internally so that cpkeyctl will simply use the first IP on the system, but this has not been pushed out to the production branches yet.

For now though you can fix this particular license problem by ensuring that you have a venet0:0 interface on the VPS, and that the ip on that interface is the one you have licensed with cpanel. Once venet0:0 exists with the right IP, cpkeyctl should run with out a problem.

If you run across this issue, you can check on this by running a simple ‘ifconfig’ and verify that the cpanel licensed IP is associated with venet0:0.


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