Cloud Storage for Linux



One thing they forgot to add is OS compatibility

  1. Dropbox:- Dropbox is best cloud storage service which have very elegant user interface and comes with client apps to sync your data on the go. – linux client available
  2. GoogleDrive:- Most trustable cloud storage service provided by google – no linux client
  3. SkyDrive:- One of mostly used cloud service provided by microsoft – no linux client
  4. SugarSync:- Get upto 32GB space by refering other users – no linux client
  5. Box:- Also a good cloud storage service with lots of amazing sharing options – no linux client
  6. UbuntuOnelinux client available
  7. SpiderOaklinux client available
  8. iCloudno linux client
  9. Wualalinux client available

You can sync your data from anywhere with the windows or Mac client applications of these services and some with linux.



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