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JavaScript has npm, Ruby has Gems, Python has pip and now Shell has bpkg! With bpkg you can easily install and manage Bash packages. It takes care of installing/uninstalling, execution permissions and everything so you can simply do the following:

# Installs `term` on `/usr/local/bin` (https://github.com/bpkg/term)
$ bpkg install term -g
$ term

Besides installing shell scripts globally you can use them on a per-project basis.

# Installs `term` under the `deps/` directory
$ bpkg install term
$ ./deps/term/term.sh


You can install bpkg from 3 methods:

1. Install Script

Our custom install script will take care of everything for you.
Just paste the following on your shell:

$ curl -sLo- http://get.bpkg.io | bash

If you want to see what’s inside it, access it directly or check it out on the repository.

2. clibs

clibs is a great package manager for the C language. If you have it, installing bpkg is as simple as:

$ clib install bpkg/bpkg

3. Source Code

If you prefer to handle source code, clone bpkg’s repository and install it on the following way:

$ git clone https://github.com/bpkg/bpkg.git
$ cd bpkg
$ make install


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