I just wanted to spend a few moments talking about backups. I just finished an email to a client who had 3 major databases crash because of Innodb issues which corrupted the tables beyond repair. I went to restore them and found the daily backup corrupted also. usually, there are weekly and monthly backup enabled in cPanel as well. Unfortunately, the client had changed those setting to save space. Guess what That means. No More Clients. Those 3 client may very well leave because of their entire site being destroyed.

This is a common occurrence I see all to often.

The backup functionality is there for a reason peeps, learn it, live it, love it. Please do not cheap out on utilizing it or making sure you have enough because the one time you need it will be the time you are glad you paid that extra little bit a month to have it in place.

I can hear some of you saying, “but what about all that extra cost? I can’t afford that extra amount every month!!!” My question to you is can you afford not to???

If your server crashes or your sql server loses it’s mind and begins singing zippity-do-dah while writing the entire book of Deuteronomy to your tables, is the 5 or 10 dollars you spent on lunch today more important than your 500 clients and all of their data? You do the math, you are the businessmen who run this show. But now, guess what you are now the ringmaster of the 3 ring fail circus, standing center stage while a giant elephant takes a sh@t on you and everybody, including your clients, their friends, family, acquaintances and everyone they come in contact with for the next week, including the garbage man, are going to hear about your failure.

Think i’m kidding about this? I cannot count the number of cancellations I process a week due to poor management skills. Luckily, we have more incoming requests that outgoing.

Just a word of warning here my friends, backup, backup, backup…


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