AllmyApps – An alternative to Ninite

Allmyapps is a cross-platform application store featuring a unique 1 click application installation technology compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. From this page you can choose among all allmyapps compatible operating systems the one for which you want to find software applications. By default, allmyapps automatically detects the OS you’re using so that you don’t need to choose. Select another OS if you want to browse packages available for another than the one you’re currently using.

This can be a very useful site when planning a re-install on your linux box. The site allows you to combine all of your favorite apps into one single installer. While Ninite is great, the only disadvantage is that it only works with Windows. Allmyapps does the same thing as Ninite but it supports both Windows and Linux. Listed below are supported operating systems:

    Ubuntu 9.10
    Ubuntu 9.04
    Ubuntu 8.10
    Ubuntu 8.04
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7

Once in the website click on the “create your list” button and from there you can add applications to your list (they have applications from a variety of categories). Once you have added all the application you need, there is a box in the upper left called “My list” which lists all the applications that you’ve added. You can choose to save them by clicking on the save button or just press the install button to install all your applications. You can also suggest them an application that they don’t have yet by putting the name of the application in the “suggest an app” box.


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