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Many says that Linux is not for general users .I totally disagree with them . In this post i will explain how Linux is used all around the world . I know that Linux is slowly growing and it will take some more years to beat Microsoft windows .Recently i read many blogs regarding linux advantages & uses , In that i liked one quote

“Almost every adult who uses technology in today’s world uses or has used something that is Linux powered.”

If you are not satisfied with above quote , then let’s look at some of the places where Linux is used .

Burlington Coat Factory


These companies use Linux both as a server back-end and as a desktop solution.

Now again if you are not satisfied , then check following list of places where linux is used.

1) U.S. Department of Defense

According to, the United States Department of Defense is the “single biggest install base for Red Hat Linux” in the world. Nor was it an unconscious choice, as Brigadier General Nick Justice, the Deputy Program Officer for the Army’s Program Executive Office proclaims “open source software is part of the integrated network fabric which connects and enables our command and control system to work effectively, as people’s lives depend on it.” Justice went on to state that “when we rolled into Baghdad, we did it using open source”, and that he was indeed Red Hat’s “biggest customer.”

2) French Parliament

French Parliament opted in November 2006 to dump Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux, according to ZD Net The move was part of a comprehensive shake-up in the software run on Parliament computers, resulting ultimately in “1,154 French parliamentary workstations running on Linux, with productivity software, the Firefox Web browser and an open-source e-mail client.” Despite the training costs, Parliament officials named cost savings and technological superiority of open-source software for parliamentary purposes as reasons for the switch.

3) The Indian State of Tamil Nadu told the story of how “after being put off by Microsoft’s bundling tactics for academic users”, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu decided instead to “distribute 100,000 Linux laptops to students there.” The laptops were to be sold to students for $800, a “considerable markdown compared to retail value.” While the government proposed to license Windows at $12 per copy, Microsoft stood firm at $57 per copy, prompting Tamil Nadu to go with Linux instead.

4) Google

Believe it or not, the gigantic, ever-growing cluster of servers that power Google’s search and other apps runs Linux. Of course, in typical fashion, Google was not content to simply run an out of the box version on its own hardware. Instead, the search giant had its engineers cook up a customized version of Ubuntu referred to within the company as “Goobuntu.” Linux is also frequently used internally on desktop machines, beyond its use on Google servers.

5) IBM iDataPlex in Canada

Canada’s largest supercomputer, the IBM iDataPlex (housed at the University of Toronto) is also powered by Linux. According to the Canadian Globe and Mail, the massive machine cost “$50-million to put together, and its brain takes up as much room as a warehouse full of refrigerators.” Its tasks are many and demanding, including running “more than 300 trillion calculations a second, simulating the Earth’s climate 100 years into the future in four days and helping researchers study cosmic background radiation.”

Till now i have mentioned some great examples which will make you believe that linux can be also used by normal users .

If you know something else about Linux then do share with us


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