Month: August 2021




git-cliff can generate changelog files from the Git history by utilizing conventional commits as well as regex-powered custom parsers. The changelog template can be customized with a configuration file to match the desired format.

MinIO: A Bare Metal Drop-In for AWS S3

Recently I started looking into open source object storage projects and I came across MinIO. Among its long list of features, it offers an S3 gateway service that can allow you to expose Hadoop’s distributed file system (HDFS) with an AWS S3-compatible interface. MinIO is made up of 160K lines of GoLang code primarily by Harshavardhana. He…


Skaffold is a command-line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications. You can iterate on your application source code locally, then deploy to local or remote Kubernetes clusters. Skaffold handles the workflow for building, pushing, and deploying your application. It also provides building blocks and describes customizations for a CI/CD pipeline.