Month: April 2020

How to Install Askbot with Nginx and Secure with Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 8

Source: How to Install Askbot with Nginx and Secure with Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 8

OwnPhotos: A Self Hosted Alternative to Google Photos

Editly: Declarative Command Line Video Editing

Slick, declarative command line video editing & API 235 forks. 3,990 stars. 94 open issues. Recent commits: Add reactive-video, GitHub Merge pull request #227 from Ivanca/patch-2Add time to readNextFrame, pass it to fabricImagePostProcessing, GitHub Update sources/frameSource.jsCo-authored-by: Mikael Finstad <>, GitHub Update sources/frameSource.jsCo-authored-by: Mikael Finstad <>, GitHub Linting issues, better names, GitHub

Teleforking a process onto a different computer! – Tristan Hume

One day a coworker mentioned that he was thinking about APIs for distributed compute clusters and I jokingly responded “clearly the ideal API would be simply calling telefork() and your process wakes up on every machine of the cluster with the return value being the instance ID”. I ended up captivated by this idea: I couldn’t get…

Tmux for mere mortals

Tmux has liberated me from tiling window mangers. Not that I didn’t like those, but I occasionally have to work with macOS or default GNOME setups. And over the years I realised that I only need a terminal multiplexor to do terminal tiling for me, the rest of the windows are just fine to be…


Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO files.With ventoy, you don’t need to format the disk again and again, you just need to copy the iso file to the USB drive and boot it.You can copy many iso files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot…

GitHub – connmap

Learning by vueing – Learn Vue interactively – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Learning a new framework can be a daunting task. Sometimes you just want to see what the technology has to offer, maybe borrow some ideas and simply have fun exploring something new. Svelte has done an amazing job with their interactive tutorial. So I did something similar with vue.js. Introducing learning by vueing. Source: Learning by…

OpenNMS Network Monitoring

OpenNMS is the world’s first fully open source enterprise-grade network service management platform, and hundreds of enterprises are using it every day without a lick of help from us. It’s that easy to work with. And as true open source, it’s 100% free.Source: The OpenNMS Group, Inc. OpenNMS: built for scalability, integration, and high levels…

Rust Analyzer – First Release

I am pleased to announce the first alpha release of rust-analyzer — a new “IDE backend” for the Rust programming language. Support rust-analyzer on Open Collective. Source: First Release