Day: January 22, 2020

Force Kill apt-key Defunct Error on Ubuntu 19.10

You cannot kill “defunct” processes. You can only speed up the deletion process of its parent entry in the process table by killing its parent. That being said, this worked for me. ps -ef | grep defunct | grep -v grep | cut -b8-20 | xargs kill -9 Poof! Gone.

A Simple Plan For a Universal Free Software Community

This plan addresses, through a global voluntary network of “labs”, Web sites, forums or clubs, several areas in which Free software simply fails to engage most users.

How to Find Malware in Your Website

Malware Why Prevent and Thoroughly Remove Malware From Your Site?For small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs) and enterprise organizations, finding, removing, and preventing malware is increasingly critical for risk management and digital trust.

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