Mail and FTP server settings updated incorrectly by cPanel

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Hello interwebers!

Recently, we saw a number of issues regarding a failed cPanel upgrade that involved the Mail and FTP server. It looks like an incorrect value was updated in the cpanel.config file for the mail server and FTP server. In order to correct this:

1) Login to WHM
2) Change mail server to something other than what it is currently and then save
3) Change it back to the original mail server setting and save
4) Change FTP server to something other than what it is on and save
5) Change it back to original ftp server setting and save
6) Kick off /scripts/upcp in a screen on the server
7) ?????


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Database Name Prefix #mysql50#

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We recently ran into an issue in which after a migration, several of the clients db names were prepended with the #mysql50# prefix. The db names were formatted as: “#mysql50#dbname”, where it used to be just “dbname”. The clients previous version of MySQL was 5.0 and the new servers MySQL version was 5.1.
Evidently, the change was made internally by MySQL 5.1 because the data directory structure changed between MySQL versions.

To repair this issue, you can either change your queries to retrieve from the new db named “#mysql50#dbname” or you can run this query to upgrade the data directory structure.
(Assuming you have root access)


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Update Ruby On Rails

Update Ruby On Rails
Ruby on Rails has recently released patches for a critical security vulnerability affecting nearly all versions of Rails. It is critical that your Rails applications be updated to one of the following versions:
If you have a cPanel server, make sure you have cPanel’s daily updates running. cPanel versions
include the updated versions of Rails.


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