10 must-know Apache directives and modules

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By Jack Wallen From techrepublic.com – April 11, 2012

Takeaway: Apache can be extended in many ways. Here are a few key directives and modules that can help you tap into its flexibility and power.

If you use the Apache Web server, you know how flexible it is. One of the reasons for this flexibility is the availability of the directives and modules in the Apache configuration file. There are a LOT of them. Although your needs will dictate which ones are most important, I decided to list those I’ve used the most over the years. These directives and modules are, in my opinion, the ones all Apache admins should know well and be able to implement to get the most flexibility and power from their Apache server.


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9 uses for cURL worth knowing

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From httpkit.com

Working with HTTP from the command-line is a valuable skill for HTTP architects and API designers to have. The cURL library and curl command give you the ability to design a Request, put it on the pipe, and explore the Response. The downside to the power of curl is how much breadth its options cover. Running curl –help spits out 150 different flags and options. This article demonstrates nine basic, real-world applications of curl.

In this tutorial we’ll use the httpkit echo service as our end point. The echo server’s Response is a JSON representation of the HTTP request it receives.


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