Just a quick script for looking up the definition of a word via the commandline... touch define vim define add the following code then :wq to save #! /bin/bash #…

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Looking to host an online meeting without paying through the teeth? Look no further. Mikogo is a free desktop sharing tool full of features to assist you in conducting the…

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Install YUI Compressor

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Install YUI Compressor - A code minification tool wget unzip mv yuicompressor-2.4.2/build/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar /opt/fileconveyor/code/processors/yuicompressor.jar or Install YUI Compressor via apt: sudo apt-get install yui-compressor Compress the script: java -jar…

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From The Secure-Delete tools are a particularly useful set of programs that use advanced techniques to permanently delete files. To install the Secure-Delete tools in Ubuntu, run the following…

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fsniper is a tool that monitors a given set of directories for new or modified files. Then, based on the file’s type or name, it invokes a script to be run on that file. Directories are monitored using inotify, instead of simply continuously polling them for changes. Common uses include making a single download directory for all things from a Web browser and having semi-intelligent scripts figure out what to do with those files. You write the scripts yourself.

fsniper uses inotify to watch for when a file is closed after being written to. This means utilities such as touch will cause the event to trigger.

fsniper can watch any number of directories for any number of pattern matches on the files.

Download the sniper.tar.gz here (may be old)
Latest version of fsniper-1.3.1.tar.gz


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