Update Ruby On Rails
Ruby on Rails has recently released patches for a critical security vulnerability affecting nearly all versions of Rails. It is critical that your Rails applications be updated to one of the following versions:
If you have a cPanel server, make sure you have cPanel’s daily updates running. cPanel versions
include the updated versions of Rails.

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Someone recently asked me what some of the more useful linux networking commands are and what some of the implementations are. Here is a compiled list for some of those commands:

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1. netstat
2. ping
3. traceroute
4. mtr
5. whois
6. finger
7. iptables
8. host
9. nslookup
10. ss
11. route

In my next post, I will be going over 10 more useful linux networking commands. I will be touching on:
ifconfig, iwconfig, ethtool, arp, tcpdump, tracepath, nmap, telnet and dig

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