Posted on October 26, 2012 by cPanel

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Exim versions between 4.70 and 4.80, inclusive. Exim is the mail transfer agent used by cPanel & WHM.

Security Rating
This vulnerability has been rated as Critical [1] by the cPanel Security team.

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Shelr is a service which allows you to record and replay and publish your terminal on This can be useful when you need to provide instruction on how a task was accomplished to a client. Granted, you will not want to publish any sensitive info when using this tool. The code for service is also available on github.

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BetterLinux is a collection of system resource management and monitoring tools intended for hosting providers, data centers, SaaS companies, and cloud environments. With it, you can control use and allocation of CPU, memory, MySQL, device I/O bandwidth, and IP bandwidth resources. Individual users and processes that exceed set resource limits can be isolated from other system users and throttled as necessary.

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If working in the Terminal gets a little confusing because you run so many commands at once, this little trick will put a separator in between each prompt so you can easily see the last few commands you ran. Blogger Emilis found that his bash prompt was getting a bit too cluttered, so he implemented this tweak to throw a long, dotted line between each command. He also bolded each command he ran, so he could easily scroll back and tell the difference between each command he ran and its output.

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