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Install FFMPEG in cPanel

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Today we’re going to be installing FFMPEG onto our CentOS 7 server.
Are ya ready kids!

ok lets go… SSH into your VPS as root 
(if you login as a sudoer, su up to your root user using the
sudo su -

Next, let’s enter the command to install the epel repository
sudo yum install epel-release -y

Now, let’s run a yum update 
sudo yum update -y

Time to reboot!
sudo shutdown -r now

Now, ssh back into the server and then enable the Nux Dextop YUM repo to install ffmpeg.

sudo rpm --import

This imports the gpg key for the repo

now, enter the command
rpm -Uvh

Ok, time to install the ffmpeg package
yum install ffmpeg ffmpeg-devel -y

Let’s confirm the ffmpeg install: 
rpm -qa | grep ffmpeg
or just 

voila! Done. 

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