Aug 192010

Go to and download the latest version of

  • clamav
  • clamd
  • clamav-db

for Red Hat EL 5


To install them all type in

yum localinstall clamav-xxx.rpm clamd-xxx.rpm clamav-db-xxx.rpm

or the simpler

yum --nogpgcheck localinstall *.rpm

if the current directory only contains clamav rpms. Make sure the version number is the same for all three files, otherwise you’ll get dependency errors and it won’t install.

Once the install is complete, run


to update the diffs, then

clamd -V
/usr/sbin/clamd -V

to double check the version info and then

clamscan -ir --log=/root/clamscan.log /home*/*/public_html &

to scan your home directory and dump the results to a file for later review

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