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Bashtop: Linux resource monitor

Resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes.

htop explained |

Explanation of everything you can see in htop/top on Linux Source: htop explained |

Install htop from source

Htop is an interactive process viewer for Linux. It is a text-mode application (for console or X terminals) and requires ncurses. Tested with Linux 2.4 and 2.6. wget tar -xzvf htop-0.8.1.tar.gz cd htop-0.8.1 ./configure make make install —————————————– Install via YUM: I added the following to dag.repo in /etc/yum.repos.d [dag] name=Dag RPM Repository for…

Best Lightweight Apps for Linux

From This is the list of some of the best Lightweight applications available in Linux . I hope you like it . Browsers : Abaco A multi-page graphical web browser Arora A cross platform web browser built using Qt and WebKit Chromium The open-source project behind Google Chrome Conkeror A highly programmable web browser…

Copy from shell to clipboard

From Linux never stops surprising me, I discover a new application, or a new tip every day, I have been with no time this last months so I could not write here as much as I would like. Anyway, let me share this tip with you. Today tool is xclips, first of all install…

Oh Noes, my is load high! Part 2

We have seen what a server load consists of and now we will look at how to reduce that load. How do we define high? Please see the Server load link here. Server load can be elevated for any reasons and we will look at a few ways to determine where the increased load is…

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