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I recently downloaded and installed Vivaldi on multiple systems to test it out (linux and win7). What I found was that although it is blazingly fast, the functionality of the interface was somewhat slow. In importing my 2500 or so bookmarks, it froze up and I had to kill it with a killall command. This may be remedied in later versions but for now, basic browsing is a lot faster with this nifty little gem…

This a browser for power users and although it lacks the plugin library for easing everyday tasks, it looks to remedy that soon from what I have read. The sidebar layout is reminiscent of opera (on which it is based). The options available in setting up and configuring the new browser look to be full. The other notable feature is the keyboard controls, most of which allow you to browse without ever having you hands leave the keyboard.

Overall, fast, not yet stable but looks very promising…

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