Jul 242012

From ascii.io

ascii.io lets you record your terminal sessions and share them with other geeks simply by running asciiio command in your term.

It is fully open-source platform with aim of being a “go to” place for terminal users wanting to share their hackery. Web based player is an implementation of VT100/VT102 ANSI terminal, supporting most ANSI sequences, all text attributes and 256 colors.

To install or upgrade ascii.io recorder, open a terminal and run following command:

$ curl -sL get.ascii.io | bash
(when using zsh you may need to run rehash after above command)

That’s it! Now you can start recording your terminal sessions with:
$ asciiio

If you want your recordings to be assigned to your ascii.io profile (btw, see mine: ~sickill) run this
and follow instructions:
$ asciiio auth

See available commands and options with:
$ asciiio -h

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