Jul 012011

Just a quick update today on an old chromium tweak which I have found useful. If you are using chromium and need a dual view, you can add this as a bookmark to accomplish that

javascript:A14nH=location.href;L3f7=prompt('Choose%20File%201',A14nH);R1Gh7=prompt('Choose%20File%202',L3f7);if(L3f7&&R1Gh7){Fr4Q='<frameset %20cols=\'*,*\'>\n<frame %20src=\''+L3f7+'\'/>';Fr4Q+='<frame %20src=\''+R1Gh7+'\'/>\n';Fr4Q+='</frameset>';with(document){write(Fr4Q);void(close())}}else{void(null)}

Once the bookmark is activated, it will ask what link you would like in the first window, and then ask what link in the second. Told you it was a little thing 🙂

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