Jan 082010

Hi, When I started this blog, I started it for my own benefit so I could remember those little tweaks or fixes which escape memory at crucial times when a needed repair or a new issue arose that I had never dealt with before. When I would research these issues, I would come across great […]

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Feb 122017

Howdy all! There looks to be a bug with cPanel 11.62 and EasyApache 4 which causes Softaculous to fail when attempting to install software. You will probably see an error in Softaculous stating that it can’t connect to MySQL. You will also see something like the following in cPanel’s error log. cPanel LiveAPI parser returned […]

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Dec 072016

Recently I came upon an issue on a cPanel server with suPHP as the handler in that, when the cPanel user SSH’s into the server (or connects via sFTP) any file or directory created will have incorrect permissions. Files: 664 Directories 775   I found this was due to a setting in /etc/profile that sets […]

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Oct 312016

Hi! Do you have a client who says that they cannot access their sites/server and insists it’s a network issue, but their IP addresses does not seem to be blocked by csf.deny and their sites are not loading in several parts of the world with a site checker like https://www.site24x7.com/check-website-availability.html or others? Well do I […]

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Sep 182016

Hi all,   I have been noticing quite a few issues relating to the cPanel p0f service crashing and sending e-mail notices to customers. This appears to be related to a recent cPanel update based on early reports. Fortunately, the fix is quite simple and should only require you to run the following commands: /scripts/check_cpanel_rpms […]

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Aug 162016

I recently found a specific explanation for why I keep seeing mysql settings being off in my.cnf and causing load issues. Recent changes in WHM have added an option to Tweak settings that will allow WHM to determine the “best” settings value. So anytime mysql is restarted from within cpanel, the settings are changed/modified. These […]

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