Jan 082010

Hi, When I started this blog, I started it for my own benefit so I could remember those little tweaks or fixes which escape memory at crucial times when a needed repair or a new issue arose that I had never dealt with before. When I would research these issues, I would come across great […]

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Jan 092018

Howdy ma Peeps! Long time no post! I recently ran into an issue with a client trying to update OpenJDK to 1.8.0 (using the “yum install java-1.8.0”) to his cPanel server (CenotOS 6.9 WHM v68.0.23) which failed with the error that it requires (Network Security Services) nss >= 3.28.4 (and the server is running nss […]

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Oct 112017

Redis is an open-source, networked, in-memory, key-value data store with optional durability. It is written in ANSI C. It’s a “NoSQL” key-value data store. More precisely, it is a data structure server. To install Redis as daemon on a CentOS/RHEL/cPanel server, complete the following steps cd /usr/local/ wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-stable.tar.gz tar -xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz cd redis* make […]

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Jun 082017

Howdy! I won’t be going into a whole lot of detail about sar as this has been documented elsewhere multiple times but basically, SAR stands for System Activity Report and as its name suggests, the sar command is used to collect,report & save CPU, Memory, I/O usage in Unix like operating systems. The SAR command […]

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Jun 062017

As a request comes in, it is denoted in the scoreboard. The scoreboard itself is basically a way to keep track of each incoming, waiting, and completing connections. These connections are broken down into the following types: “_” Waiting for Connection “S” Starting up “R” Reading Request “W” Sending Reply “K” Keepalive (read) “D” DNS […]

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