Terra Terminal

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Feb 112013

From webupd8.org

Terra is a drop down terminal emulator with support for multiple terminals in one window.

Terra is a Python / GTK3 drop-down terminal emulator similar to Guake or Yakuake, which shows up from the top of the screen when you press a keyboard shortcut, like the console used in games such as Quake.

The application combines some of the features available in Guake and Terminator, resulting in a nice drop-down terminal emulator in which you can use multiple terminals in the same window (you can split the screen horizontally or vertically):

terra terminal emulator

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9 uses for cURL worth knowing

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Nov 102012

From httpkit.com

Working with HTTP from the command-line is a valuable skill for HTTP architects and API designers to have. The cURL library and curl command give you the ability to design a Request, put it on the pipe, and explore the Response. The downside to the power of curl is how much breadth its options cover. Running curl –help spits out 150 different flags and options. This article demonstrates nine basic, real-world applications of curl.

In this tutorial we’ll use the httpkit echo service as our end point. The echo server’s Response is a JSON representation of the HTTP request it receives.

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Oct 202012

From shelr.tv

Shelr is a service which allows you to record and replay and publish your terminal on http://shelr.tv. This can be useful when you need to provide instruction on how a task was accomplished to a client. Granted, you will not want to publish any sensitive info when using this tool. The code for Shelr.tv service is also available on github.
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Add a Separator Between Commands in Linux Terminal

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Oct 172012

From Lifehacker.com

If working in the Terminal gets a little confusing because you run so many commands at once, this little trick will put a separator in between each prompt so you can easily see the last few commands you ran. Blogger Emilis found that his bash prompt was getting a bit too cluttered, so he implemented this tweak to throw a long, dotted line between each command. He also bolded each command he ran, so he could easily scroll back and tell the difference between each command he ran and its output.
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The Ultimate Vim Distribution

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Oct 102012

From vim.spf13.com

spf13-vim is a distribution of vim plugins and resources for Vim, GVim and MacVim. It is a completely cross platform distribution that stays true to the feel of vim while providing modern features like a plugin management system, autocomplete, tags and tons more.

Easy Installation *nix and os x
The easiest way to install spf13-vim is to use our automatic installer by simply copying and pasting the following line into a terminal. This will install spf13-vim and backup your existing vim configuration. If you are upgrading from a prior version (before 3.0) this is also the recommended installation.

curl http://j.mp/spf13-vim3 -L -o - | sh

Updating to the latest version
git pull
vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +q

For more info go to vim.spf13.com

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